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2 days ago · As the Soviet Union faltered, in 1990 Karakalpakstan’s parliament adopted a declaration of state sovereignty. .
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  • Uzbekistan’s 1992 Constitution referenced Karakalpakstan as an autonomous region.
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    Why India’s Vice President is Wrong About Parliamentary Sovereignty.

  • Uzbekistan’s 1992 Constitution referenced.
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    According to the Land Back Red Paper, published by the Indigenous-led think tank, the Yellowhead Institute, “the project of land back is about reclaiming Indigenous jurisdiction through consent, recognition, and community-based management and governance” – concepts McIvor says he works to embody when dealing with.

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    Two general explanations for this idea are considered: firstly, that the existence of a sovereign entity is a conceptually necessary precondition for the existence of a state or constitution; secondly, that Parliament is sovereign, if it is, in virtue of a rule of recognition whose existence.

  • Parliamentary Sovereignty: The myth of the common law constitution.
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